What’s New Inside Shopzilla Manager Plan API

The new API has enhanced features, included features, and is constructed on a quicker, more scalable infrastructure.

What is actually new?


one. New component: bidded

These API now contain a new youngster component of item known as bidded. This factor is a real or fake value that suggests whether or not the solution is monetized or not. If the value is fake, you will not create earnings on qualified prospects or clicks to this item. Use discretion on no matter whether or not to include the non-monetized listings on your site. We consist of these additional goods due to the fact some Publishers like to have more in depth merchandise offerings even if they will not likely produce earnings on these clicks. The element was not in preceding versions of the API since Shopzilla excluded gives that were not monetized for Publishers.

two. Demonstrate Characteristics corrected

Present a checklist of applicable solution attributes by which you could even more refine your request. Use |attFilter|:Filter outcomes based mostly on attributes.

three.Taxonomy added

The Taxonomy Useful resource allows your software to search and check out BizRate’s hierarchy of categories.


one.Taken out all Merchant Testimonials
2.Taken off item Overview

In addition, the use of the API arrives with some essential limitations and restrictions that you must abide by:

one. Service provider direct back links have to be used for comparison shopping displays only. Prices and respective merchant/keep names have to be outlined with each and every merchandise you screen.
two. Each and every product displayed have to have at minimum a few merchant backlinks presented. If there are considerably less than a few offers accessible for a product, you need to exhibit all delivers. When there are far more than 3 gives accessible, and you do not want to screen all the offers, you must give users with a “see all provides” link and both hyperlink that to a webpage on your internet site that will present all provides or url to the BizRate.com “Evaluate Shops & Rates” website page for that item.
three. If Auto Parts API are caching information, you should refresh your cache at minimum 4 times for every working day to ensure that the provides are even now reside/offered and that the pricing info has not modified.
4. You are essential to place a “Powered by BizRate” link that lands on Bizrate dot com on each page where content from the API is displayed. To guarantee that you are paid for any resultant merchant redirects from BizRate, you may use also this URL: