The Truth About the Benefits of Fish Oil

If you are like me, you probably don’t want to spend hard earned money on health supplements that have a lot of hype but little benefit. As is often the case, the benefits of fish oil are often exaggerated, but there is also much truth in what is being said. Use this article as a guide as to what you can really expect to gain from taking fish oil supplements.

As I have researched the connection between fish and cholesterol, I have come to realize that the benefits of fish oil go far beyond just heart health. Increasing the amount of fish that we consume and using a pharmaceutical grade fish oil will improve how well our brain functions, help with joint pain, and add a quality appearance to our skin. At the same time I have discovered that not everything you read about fish oil is true.

Fish Oil Myths – Benefits of Fish Oil that Don’t Exist

Myth #1 – Fish oil lowers cholesterol.

While many people believe one of the benefits of fish oil to be lowering cholesterol, fish oil studies have proven to the contrary. The connection between fish and cholesterol is primarily seen in it’s effect on triglyceride levels.

Myth #2 – Fish oil alone will help you lose weight.

If your looking for the easy way to lose weight, this is not it. Even a pharmaceutical grade fish oil will not aid in weight loss without exercise. However, it does appear that one of the benefits of fish oil is that it helps accelerate the rate of weight loss when combined with exercise. This is probably due to the fact that fish oil improves blood circulation and therefore helps the muscles work more efficiently during exercise.

Myth #3- Fish oil helps diabetics control blood sugar levels.

Fish oil has proven to be ineffective for glycemic control in diabetes patients. However it may be beneficial for diabetics in that it does help lower triglyceride levels.

Fish Oil Truths – Benefits of Fish Oil that are Real

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Truth #1 – Fish oil lowers triglycerides.

While there may not be a strong direct relationship between fish and cholesterol, it is a well established fact that fish oil lowers triglycerides. The American Heart Association agrees. Heart Researchers agree. Taking fish oil supplements does lower triglycerides. And while it lowers your triglycerides, it will also be improving your overall health.

Truth #2 -Fish oil decreases the chances of death due to heart disease.

Many studies have been performed that showed a substantial decrease in the number of deaths among those with heart disease when taking fish oil. This is not due to the connection between fish and cholesterol. The American Heart Association state that studies show that taking between .5 and 1.8 g. per day of DHA + EPA (the fatty acids in fish oil) either by eating fish or fish oil supplements “significantly reduces deaths from heart disease and all causes”.

Truth #3 – Fish oil helps improve blood circulation.

With improved blood circulation, your body will begin to work more efficiently. This will lead to improved physical and mental health. Many people will find themselves more active and able to lose weight easier.

In addition to these benefits of fish oil, there are many more reasons to make fish oil a part of your daily routine. There is ongoing research into the effect fish oil has on:

1. Eye issues such as age-related macular degeneration.
2. Hardening of the arteries
4. Bipolar Disorder
5. Various Cancers
6. Learning Disabilities
7. Epilepsy
8. Depression
9. Lupus
10. Prostate Health
11. Skin Disorders
12. Stroke prevention

This is only a partial list of the potential benefits of fish oil. As you can see the list is quite impressive.

There you have it. Not everything you hear about the benefits of fish oil is true. The fish and cholesterol connection does not exist. Nevertheless, fish oil will be beneficial to your health in many ways. Each year there comes to light new ways that eating fish and taking fish oil supplements will improve the quality of your life.