Staff Activity – Spirited Role Clarification

We’re a team. That is what they claim… but what does that really mean? Intended for many, it implies actually part involving a group associated with people… period.

Nevertheless some associates may say that they were formed for a “purpose, ” typically the purpose might actually indicate different things to each individual. Some teams are formed to complete a task using every person lending their own area of expertise. And, that knows, they may really work together to achieve that task. Let’s face it; teams rarely perform easily and with fantastic success.

One exercise that I have found to be very helpful is Thiagi’s Spirited Position Clarification. This exercise takes about forty-five minutes. Here’s what you need: flip chart paper, tape, in addition to colored markers – black, green, red, and blue for each team associate. Yes, at this point I will assume that the people within the group happen to be now affiliates. Therefore…

Give each staff member a piece of flip data paper, two items of tape, and four colored markers : black, green., reddish, and blue.

With the black marker, hold the team members create their names from the top associated with their flip graph paper. Then possess of them list almost all of their group roles and obligations. Allow a few minutes.

Now, have the team users underline, with the particular green marker, all those roles and tasks that provide associated with their greatest love and spirit. Let a minute.

Next, have team associates underline, with all the crimson marker, those jobs and responsibilities that they would enjoy to pass on to be able to someone else. Enable a minute.

Ultimately, hold the team people underline, using the blue marker, those jobs and responsibilities using which they would certainly appreciate assistance and training to help fulfill the activity. Allow another second.

Hang the reverse chart papers across the room. Ask the team member to flow across the room, noiselessly reading the tasks and responsibilities about each flip graph and or chart. Ask them in order to make notes straight on the other charts – incorporating constructive comments, increasing questions, and putting ideas and ideas. Allow about twenty minutes, depending on the range of team users.

When the team members have finished reading through and making feedback on the other charts, discuss all the roles and tasks and the remarks that have been received. This kind of should take about 20 minutes, depending on the quantity of associates and even the amount of comments.

Why carry out I love this activity? Because it enables team members a chance to get, not just, some good ideas in and help with their particular roles and tasks, but also offers an opportunity for other associates to much better understand each others’ roles, passions, in addition to drudgeries. Last but not least, this helps you line up your work together with the team.