As you have noticed, there are several different styles of bicycles that make the decision making more difficult. At this time, this article will concentrate on only two types: recumbent and upright exercise bikes.

Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright exercise bikes have been trendy for a long time, and there are more reasons for you to like them now, as each new model problem comes fitted with new and advanced features that greatly improve your workout. But before you choose an upright bike, you have to point out a few things that aren’t directly associated with the bike itself.

The price is one thing where upright bikes have an edge over their recumbent counterparts. Usually, they cost a lot less money, so if your budget is already limited, you still can have a good workout for yourself. Also, straight bikes take up much less space, and can also be folded and put away conveniently for later use. Many of you who can’t spare a lot of space inside your home will probably be better off getting one of these than buying a sleeping bike.

As far as the exercise itself is concerned, upright bikes need to be less opposed and more flexible. They don’t need users to stay seated just as a recumbent exercise bike does, which lets on only one role to be assumed.

Yet, compared to a standard outdoor cycle, upright exercise bike seats could be just as awkward. If you’re a fan of longer rides, you’re not specifically in for a treat.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you are a member of the group of people who wish to feel relaxed during their exercise sessions, not depending on how short or long it is, you’re going to love using a recumbent bike. Its chair-like seat provides excellent help for your back, and the reclining position of your body ensures that you won’t feel any stress at all.

But the seat isn’t the only source of comfort. Unlike a straight bike, where you grab the handles, hunched forward, on a recumbent exercise bike, your hands are free. This lets you watch videos, read, or play video games.

While several people question the efficacy of recumbent bikes, this assessment is untrue as opposed to upright bikes. You see, even though a recumbent exercise bike is less powerful as far as cardio is affected, you’re going to burn the same amount of calories as you would if you were cycling a straight bike. But because they’re so comfortable, you may be tempted to prolong your work hours, which means you’re going to burn more calories.

Exercise bikes can be a little pricey, so I understand your consideration of choosing a suitable one for yourself. I hope this guide has made the option a little bit easier.

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