Protex Depository Safes – Progressive Style and Options to get All of Office Applications

Protex Free from danger C. depository safes typically known as drop boxes or even first deposit safes are constructed in house with their corporate office buildings inside Mis Angeles, Los angeles. Designed along with Unternehmensberatung Innovation Hamburg on stability and even ease of make use of, their safes are usually just as good as, and, inside most cases superior to other depository safes out there. Protex Safe Co. at this time provides twenty-four drop containers in addition to depository safes and is regularly expanding the range while using add-on of new models such as the recently launched RX164 prescription medications drop box. Depository safes and drop packing containers will be commonly grouped along as one category but at Protex they have been separated into 2 different types viz. drop containers as well as drop safes together with depository safes.

In the depository safes category there are 6 innovative designs developed to fit any place of work use.

FD-2014BD deposit safes with the decline front door on the rear in addition to entrance opening at this front
FD-2014LS through typically the wall drop picotazo. Free from danger set up against divider through secure room using pincharse on opposite part connected with wall
FD-4020K secure together with depository safe in a. Inter department depository secure along with dual key secure. Hinged drop door beginning and safe opening both in the front.
FDD-3020BD by way of the divider dual compartment safe along with independent tresses. Hinged drop door beginning opens on a single side of a wall with harmless placed on opposite part of wall. Top area is a regular safe in addition to bottom is the drop safe.
HD-34C Fall slot on the top with door opening through front
RD-2014 top filling rotary fall safe together with front cracking open door

Gates constructed regarding minimum half-inch great stainlesss steel to prevent going, punching and prying, tresses safeguarded by quarter in hard-plate to shield this freeze from drilling plus the accessory of heavy duty metallic locking bolts provides protection against burglary attacks. These B-rated burglary depository safes ultimate choice for any business large as well as small. Many the downpayment safes come standard with an electronic a digital lock and aside from often the HD34C, lock alternatives usually are available to customize the particular safe to the unique demands of individual firms.

Protex have responded to help the ever-increasing popularity involving biometric safes with the provision of three alternatives for biometric locks. Firms can easily optimize their choice of safe by replacing to a 10 fingerprint, swipe messfühler biometric keypad, a thirty finger mark, swipe sensor biometric keypad or even an taxation walk lock with adjustable end users and time delay biometric lock. Other freeze possibilities some other than biometrics available to businesses include call mixture locks, dial combo locks with key, main only locks and multiple customer time delay electronic locks with audit trail.

Under the counter drop boxes, inter workplace wall mounted drop safes, through the wall, wall structure attached drop boxes in addition to through the door drop boxes are available. For innovative uncomplicated to use fall containers there are none enhanced designed and constructed than those bearing the Protex manufacturer.

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