Precisely how The ussr Concerns Phony Passports To help Their Operatives Within Ukraine

However, there is yet another man named Igor Nikolaevich born on thirty December 1965, and who was born in Simferopol — Igor Nikolaevich Bezler, the notorious separatist commander who controlled the metropolis of Horlivka in the Donetsk oblast in 2014, and who has been credibly accused of a litany of war crimes. On October twenty seventh, the exact same working day that “Beregovoy” arrived in Simferopol, Igor Bezler advised the press secretary of his former fighting team in Horlivka that he experienced left japanese Ukraine and would not return.

Bezler is just one particular of numerous Russian operatives who were presented fake passports by Russian stability providers although operating in Ukraine. By employing leaked Russian databases, only a couple of basic biographical particulars can unmask an operative’s faux identity, as observed with yet another GRU operative — Oleg Ivannikov (“Andrey Laptev”).

where to buy fake bank notes in europe of the easiest approaches to validate a Russian citizen’s true identification is by way of referencing the taxpayer amount (INN), given to all Russian citizens as they achieve adulthood. However, when searching for the taxpayer variety (INN) for a Russian citizen having these same personal details as Beregovoy, there is no end result, indicating that this is probably not a genuine Russian citizen. Additionally, it’s very not likely that “Beregovoy” would have a distinct inside passport, as he was issued this 1 in 2013/4 and would not need to renew his for quite some time. “Beregovoy” was not outlined in any publicly offered databases for citizens issued substitute passports due to the doc becoming lost or destroyed.

Right now, Igor Bezler proceeds to live in Crimea, and has certainly not returned to the Donbas since his late 2014 departure. Two weeks back, Bezler’s wife shared a photograph on her private VKontakte webpage exhibiting Bezler (with the moustache, sporting a camo hat) on a boat in Crimea with Sergey “Khmury” Dubinsky (middle, with no hat), one particular of the 4 gentlemen named as suspects by the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT), the official legal investigation into the downing of MH17. There is presently an worldwide arrest warrant out for Dubinsky.

Issuing a fake passport for an infamous war criminal below his genuine very first identify, patronymic, and day of birth might appear sloppy, but the story does not end there. If we are to research for Beregovoy’s passport amount in the very same 2014 flight database, but obtaining the last two digits as a wildcard operator (enabling for any outcome for these previous two digits), we can uncover his “passport neighbors” for folks issued passports at close to the identical time as him. Managing this research, we discover a startling discovery: Andrei Laptev, the include id of GRU officer Oleg Ivannikov.