Packing your suitcase right for Thailand. What should you never bring across an international border?

Obviously, the big ones are any kind of weapons, narcotics, pharmaceutical drugs, stolen items, copied or fake goods and large amounts of currency. Breaking the law can mean large fines and prosecution. We must also know any kind of pills without a specific doctor’s note are ill-advised to pack in your bags. Every kind of medicine exists in Thailand and the international traveler can find them with ease in their excellent pharmacies across the nation.

Crossing over the border in many nations and Thailand we must be wary of foreign products that are restricted items. Did you realize you need proper permissions for ancient artifacts or cultural antiques? And, any kind of illegal contraband like ivory or animal organs are strictly forbidden. Also, any pornography that you may assume is okay may be seized at the border. We have all seen and heard the horror stories in movies of the unprepared travelers and the irresponsible ones that meet with a massive problem of being taken by authorities at the border. Act accordingly at all customs and remain polite and your time will be short as you pass through efficiently. Some travelers are unaware and too careless with their luggage. They allowed others to pack or simply did not know that many items are prohibited to take across borders and especially into the Kingdom of Thailand. Do not think border agents are naive or unaware of traffickers of every kind. Know the contents of your luggage by itemizing it with details known from memory and look after your bags always in public areas. A case in the news in Thailand magnifices my point as an Australian citizen packed 10 new iPhones and iPads that he was secretly transporting in his luggage. His bags were opened and checked at the border. He had all his expensive technology seized with great cost and ruined his time in Thailand because he simply thought it was permitted. Do not assume. The Thailand Pass Insurance covers many problems and starts at a minimal amount for your peace of mind. Peruse our informative website that has a link to our excellent customer service in English to serve you. They are online 24 hours to assist you in getting the proper coverage you need.

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