How to Choose the Best Lighting System for Your Kitchen?

Kitching is one of the important areas in the house that needs perfect lighting. The right illumination helps you in preparation, cooking, dining, and cleaning. It also adds character to the place and creates perfect food for an eat-in kitchen.

Pendants, downlights, uplights, LEDs, etc. are some of the best available lighting options for the place. In this article, we will tell you major considerations to effectively plan a lighting system for your kitchen.Image result for kitchen chandelier

About Layered Lighting Design

Light layering is trending nowadays. A lot of homeowners are opting for this lighting system to illuminate their kitchen. The technique involves creating different shades of light, using the right colors to highlight the best features of the room, and playing with shadows in the room.

Sofary is a leading lighting company that sells the best lighting solutions to people. The company employs its facilities comprising craftsmen, manufacturing specialists, and designers to provide products at low costs.

Layered lighting incorporates task lighting for preparation and cooking of food; ambient lighting to add character; and accent lighting to emphasize interesting features like art pieces, backsplash, etc.

Plan Quickly

The best time to install a lighting system is at the design phase. This is because moving light fixtures once the kitchen gets installed is expensive. You would unnecessarily have to spend on the cost of repainting, rewiring, etc.

Consider Safety First

Adequate illumination of the kitchen is necessary to execute kitchen chores easily, efficiently, and safely. Task lighting in the form of LED strip lights below the upper cabinet or a track lighting system on the island is the ideal way to install it.

Install Ambient Lighting for Character

Ambient lighting offers a soft, warm, and welcoming glow to a place. It could have the shape of a pendant that is installed either over the dining table or counter.

Emphasize the Best Features using Accent Light

Next, you will use accent lighting that captures the attention of people to attractive features of the kitchen such as a stunning backsplash, island façade, etc. This type of lighting should be installed right below the counters or cabinets. You can add this lighting to your open shelves or glass cabinets to showcase your displays.

Select the Appropriate Style

Get clues from the architecture of your home and the associated lighting style of the remaining area of the home. Nowadays, you can get lighting in numerous styles such as natural wood, black, industrial metallics, and white. So, explore all your available options to find the perfect lighting for your needs.

Get the Right Size of Lighting

Along with the style, size is another important consideration when choosing a lighting fixture. Ensure that it should not be too small or too large compared to the size of your kitchen. To prevent any collision with the lighting, it is advised to install it 32 inches above the counter or dining table.


The kitchen is the mainstay area of the home that remains busy from morning to night. Good lighting is necessary to perform a variety of tasks easily. Choosing the right lighting system and following the above tips will help plan and design the perfect lighting for the room.

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