How Much Protection Can You Get from Face Masks?

Often many people ask whether face masks will help in slowing down the spread of the coronavirus?  The answer certainly is Yes. By taking all other necessary measures like regular hand washing and also maintaining proper social distancing, if you also wear face masks then it can help to slow the spread of coronavirus.

So, the next question comes, why then face masks were not recommended at the beginning of the pandemic? To be very frank, at the beginning even experts too were not fully aware that the COVID-19 could spread so quickly among the people.

Also, it was not known that many people may not show any symptoms of the virus but still capable of spreading it to others. Both groups can easily spread this virus unknowingly to others.

Because of this discovery, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) now recommend face masks for slowing the virus spread. However, for the common public, it is not necessary to wear any surgical and N95 masks but even ordinary cloth masks will be good enough to contain the spread of the virus.

Many companies like Custom Earth Promos have now started producing large quantity protective masks meant for all sections of society.

How to wear your cloth face mask

Your cloth face masks can also be quite effective when you will properly wear them. The following are a few pointers to remember while putting on or taking off your cloth mask:

  • You must place the mask over both your mouth and nose.
  • Also, it is necessary to tie it behind the head or use a certain ear loop to ensure it is snug.
  • Avoid touching your mask while wearing it.
  • You must regularly sanitize or wash your hands if you touch your mask accidentally.
  • If your face mask gets wet or dirty, then change it with a clean one. You must put your used mask in a certain sealable bag and keep it there until you can wash it.
  • Immediately after you removed your mask you must wash your hands.
  • You must also wash your mask regularly with soap and hot water in your washing machine. There is no harm if you launder them with all other clothes.

Following are a few precautions to be followed while wearing these face masks:


  • Don’t force yourself a face mask, if you have any trouble breathing, or if anyone gets unconscious or unable to remove their mask without someone’s help.
  • Avoid using facemasks for children under 2 years old.
  • Don’t try to use face masks as a substitute for social distancing.
  • Don’t ever try to share your mask with someone else.

As such, the CDC has never recommended using face shields in place of face masks because it is still not very clear how much protection a face shield can offer.

However, in every situation, one may not wear a face mask. Therefore, if you have to use a face shield rather than a face mask, then try to select one that can wrap around the sides of the face and also extends below your chin.

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