Few Highest CBD Strains and Its Uses

Cannabidiol or CBD as it is commonly known as reached the pinnacle of popularity in a few years because of its high therapeutic value. The extract of cannabis plant like hemp and marijuana has been prevalent in early centuries as well. Many people, who believe in natural therapy has used it for many decades however in the present times its value as a miracle healer has been highly recognized worldwide. Now, online markets are flooded with its strains favoring their customer’s requirement to get relief from varied ailments.

You can now yummy edibles UK from top rated sellers like JustCBD. They have a range of CBD products useful to treat many ailments, to be used as a natural skin enhancement aid and to boost up body fitness. They are world famous because of selling only top-notch CBD products tested many times by well recognized labs and certified to be genuine products. Moreover, you have budget friendly highest CBD strains in one shop, JustCBD.

High in CBD proportions and lower in THC presence is the best cannabis extract solution you can use for therapy purpose. Now, THC present CBD products are legal to use in many countries, thus the products having high CBD strains are most popular.

Now, more about popular highest CBD strains –

  • Harle -Tsu – It is a combination of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. It has CBD and THC in the ratio of 20:1. It is mainly used to get relief from chronic pain and inflammation health issues. People do use it to enjoy calmness of mind as well.
  • Suzy -Q – It is most popular as it contains lesser than one percent of THC and ten percent of CBD compounds. You can cure spasm, chronic pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and arthritis pain. It is known to get rid of any pain in a few minutes of time. A natural wonder aid indeed!
  • Charlotte’s web – It is one of the best in highest CBD proportions as it has 13 percent CBD compared to less than one percent THC. It is mainly used in the daily diet and as a food ingredient to improve general health of its user. You can make gummies and other eatables using this kind of safe CBD strain.
  • Ringo’s Gift – It has one percent of THC and more than eleven percent of CBD. It is mainly useful to treat migraines, body ache and to observe relaxation of mind. it can even help to enjoy sound sleep for many hours.
  • Remedy – It has high concentration of CBD and minimal THC proportion. Mainly used to kill chronic pain felt in joints and bones. It is mainly used as herbal tea because of its sweet taste.
  • ACDC – The CBD proportion in it is more in proportion and have negligible THC present, thus it is best to treat any mental troubles, to focus on work, relaxation of body from pain and improves your sleep quality.

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