Shades Or No Shades? What To Do With Your Windows?

One of the biggest decisions you have in your home is whether to place shades on the windows or not. This can be a difficult decision, especially if you are rather indecisive. You want your home to be as welcoming as possible and it can be an overwhelming struggle. However, we are going to share a few tricks that will make it much easier to make this difficult home decorating decision. Today we are going to give you five reasons why you should not have shades on the windows.

Natural Lighting

One of the main reasons you will want to keep the shades off of the windows to allow natural light to help enter into your home. Natural light is an incredible way to show off the beauty of your home. Plus with the high cost of electricity, natural lighting can help save on your lighting.

Help With Heating

In addition to helping keep your home well lit, natural lighting is a great way to help keep your home warm. A window without shades is going to allow the sun to enter a room and help keep it warm throughout the day. And during those coder months, a ray of sunshine in the room can do a whole lot of good.

Improve Your Mood

For most people a dark room can be someway of a depressing thought. When you have the curtains open and there are no shades drawn, you are going to feel so much better throughout the day. In fact, a sunny room is one of the best ways to stay feeling good and vibrant throughout the day.


Another consideration about shades is it cuts you off from the rest of the neighborhood. In fact, you never really know what is going on outside. This can be a serious security issue as you do not know how is about. When you have your windows open, you can always see what is going on and keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior.


Finally, let’s talk about the high cost of window shades, they are not cheap. In fact, many times you must buy custom shades for the windows as they are not as popular as they once were. This can be an expensive endeavor, especially if you have a lot of windows to cover. Plus one must also consider how fragile shades tend to be. This means you may have to replace them on a regular basis, which means even more money being spent.

As you can see, there is no need to place shades on the window. You are only creating a dark space in your home. Go ahead and take those shades off and let the light shine in! You will be much happier and the amount of money you save on all of those shades will make you smile as well. Let the window shades remain in the past where they belong and decorate with something that is going to be a tad more modern and open.